Wednesday, April 17, 2013

obs!12 Klutz - Ku Klutz Klan (C19 Tape)

Paramosemtínská trojice Klutz s první kazetou. 22 songů, 17 minut rychlýho kofeinviolence hardcoru. Bílá kazeta, brožura s textama a nálepka.
Limitováno na 50 kousků.

Pardubice's trninity Klutz comes with first tape album. 22 songs in 17 minutes of fast caffeinviolence hardcore. White tape, comes with lyrics insert and a sticker.
Limited to 50 pieces.

C19 Tape - 80 Kč / 3.5€
Free download/stream via Klutz bandcamp
Klutz website:

Friday, April 5, 2013


We got the clocks! Made by our friends from ASC !


from Vital Weekly on our Wormhead / Paregorik split tape.

PAREGORIK / WORMHEAD - LIVE 26/2/12 (cassette by Puzzle Records &
From Saarbrücken imprint Puzzle Records comes three splits featuring the label's blithesome owner, Wormhead. The first tape I picked out of the batch, a co-release between Puzzle and the much less prolific (but extra exclamatory) Obsedante! label, is a live recording from early 2012. Paregorik's side brings us a standard bluster of noise: pedal chicanery, sinuous personal-alarm retching, and a latent drone that tenses the sphincter. Below the low-freq bedlam is the sterile voice of a sexless college instructor. You recognize the voice; it's the old-timey croak that graces ancient educational videos, espousing the perils of drug use and the importance of proper driving technique. Bits of speech eke out of the woodwork when the chaos ebbs... there's shady talk of pubic hair, earthworms annexing the human body, old rags reeking of "urine and cheap red wine," etc. The overall effect is grotesque and unnerving, replicating that sensation of having stepped in on something that just doesn't feel right. Wormhead's side, by contrast, is more conventionally apoplectic, bristling out with a writhing mass of noise. Snared over a blanket of analog grumble, the listener is confronted with the grind of machinery being abused. It's a wonderfully malevolent scrap of noise, calling to mind the sullen image of WALL-E being gruesomely dismantled for parts.(MT)


 The Rat Pack Promo


DOG BLESS YOU RECORDS proudly announce that a brand new 7“ is coming! We will release HOT NERDS 7“ in five weeks. This record will make you dance, play the imaginary musical instruments and doing circle pit in your living room. Nathan „BONK“ Joyner (ALL LEATHER, SOME GIRLS, LEG LIFTERS, ESE´ & ZAIN) and Alia Jyawook (TINY TELEPHONES, VAGINALS , KATA) put their effort together and made awesome dance punk that make you dance even on a funeral. This EP is limited to 130 copies, with three versions of hand made cover , every record is numbered and made with love and a dog behind. You can buy this record for 7.5 USD or 6.5 EUR + shipping. Dog bless you.